This Is the Year to Update Your Bathroom!

Modern bathroom

New Year, New You, New Bathroom With Professional Remodeling

It seems like there’s never a good time to remodel the bathroom. Never mind how the sink seems to clog every other time it’s used. Or how the toilet seems to run for five minutes after it’s flushed. Or how the tub drain gets backed up with water around the ankles during a shower. The fact is that an opportune time to have the bathroom remodeled never comes. This is why the beginning of the year is the best time to get it done with the help of a professional remodeler.

New Sink Designs

Homeowners who haven’t had an opportunity to look at new sink designs and features are in for a surprise. People have been getting very creative when it comes to bathroom sinks, and the possibilities are endless. Modern sinks are available in all different shapes and sizes. For an elegant look, consider a sink with a floral print basin and marble counters. 

Popular modern sinks are characterized by basins over any different kind of countertop. These sinks look like large bowls but are fixed to the counter. But they don’t just come in metal or ceramic. Homeowners can also get these types of modern sinks that are made to look like hollowed stone or even wood. 

new dual sinks in a bathroom with black accents

Tips for Toilets

Homeowners who have been dealing with clogging or leaking toilets will be surprised to find that toilets have come a long way. Not only can replacing an old toilet save homeowners from the frustration of an old toilet, but it can also save money. Modern, high-efficiency toilets use water velocity to force the waste down the toilet. Old toilets use sheer water volume to push the waste down the drain. 

Older toilets use 4 to 7 gallons of water per flush, whereas modern toilets use a mere 1.6 gallons. This is how replacing the toilet can help the water bill. As a plus, many of these toilets are called “no clog” toilets because they’re designed not to stop up the drain. 

Showers and Tubs


As for showers and tubs, the possibilities are even more fantastic than those of toilets and sinks. Many homeowners like to take baths but are tired of their shallow bathtubs. Installing a deeper tub can be one of the many perks of getting the bathroom remodeled. For those who prefer showers, there’s no lack of options. Shower enclosures, benches, and stylish designs are just a few possibilities. 

For homeowners who want to relax in the shower, rainfall showerheads imitate rain by allowing gravity to take over. Those who want to get really wild can have heated floors installed in the shower to say goodbye to cold feet forever. Or, for those who have space, a separate tub and shower could be the best of both worlds. 

No matter which design features homeowners decide to go with, it’s best to involve a professional plumbing company to make sure the fixtures are correctly installed and that the pipes can handle the new bathroom features. 

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