Take Time This Valentine's Day to Relax in the Bathtub

Bathtub full of rose pedals

Soothe Your Soul With a Nice Bath on Valentine’s Day

Nothing is more relaxing than soaking in a hot bathtub with fragrant scents and soothing music. Self-care is essential for good mental health. Additionally, bathing in warm water can be very therapeutic. It raises a person’s body temperature, blood pressure slightly drops, and heart rate increases. These all work together to stabilize the body. 

Not only is it therapeutic, but it has other benefits. It can help control acne, hair loss, and inflammation. However, to enjoy a bath to its full extent, the tub should be in tip-top shape. A new bathtub can completely change how a bath is enjoyed, especially if it’s deep enough to soak the whole body. 

There’s Not Just One Type of Bathtub

Modern bathtub

Contrary to what some may think, there’s not just one type of bathtub. There is actually a wide range of shapes, styles, and sizes, including: 

  • Alcove: Alcove bathtubs are the most standard type of tub. It has three walls and also has a shower in it. They aren’t very big, measuring about 60 inches in length, and they’re not very deep, which may hinder a luxurious soak. 
  • Corner: Similar to an alcove tub, but it sits in the corner of the bathroom or on a platform. These are generally more space-saving than the other tubs, but again, they don’t have much room for a relaxing soak. 
  • Clawfoot: One of the most nostalgic tubs on the market, clawfoot tubs are popular amongst homeowners with a taste for vintage flare and offer plenty of space for a relaxing bath. A clawfoot tub may also be called a freestanding tub, though not all freestanding tubs have ornate feet attached to them like a clawfoot tub. 
  • Undermount: Undermount tubs are what people may see in a spa. There isn’t a lip to take away from the enjoyable lines of the marble or tile. This gives the tub a more elegant appeal. 
  • Jetted: Jetted bathtubs are like having a small jacuzzi in a bathroom. They are ideal for relaxing sore muscles or back pain. They are widely used for hydrotherapy, making them more attractive to those who suffer from arthritis or other chronic pain conditions. 

Bathtubs & Therapy

Bathtubs can offer a range of therapy techniques that individuals may not be aware of. A couple of these include chromotherapy, aromatherapy, and music therapy. 

Chromotherapy is a technique that involves adding colored lights to a bath or shower. Chromotherapy plus hydrotherapy can create an incredibly soothing experience. Each color represents something different. 

  • White: Clarifies and pure the senses and mind
  • Light red: courageous, energizing, warm, and bold
  • Turquoise: Reduces stress and is serene
  • Green: Brings harmony and balances the spirit
  • Orange: It’s fresh, awakens, and invigorates the soul
  • Magenta: Reduces anxiety and boosts creativity
  • Yellow: Helps with creative thinking, stimulates, and is hopeful

On the other hand, aromatherapy uses scents rather than color. It’s a holistic healing treatment that is meant to promote health and well-being using natural plant extracts. It’s a therapy that has been around for thousands of years. Many people use essential oils by placing a couple of drops in the tub with them or putting the oils in a diffuser and running it during their bath. 

Lastly, music therapy, or a sound bath, uses soothing sounds from percussion and traditional wind instruments to help with tiredness, depression, and stress. Additionally, studies show that sound baths may release tension and improve mood. 

Rather a Fancy Shower?


A bath isn’t needed to feel relaxed. If the bathroom has limited space and only a shower can be installed, don’t let this be a downer. Professionals can install a shower that provides plenty of relaxation and stress relief. 

When taking a shower, play soft, relaxing music such as jazz or zen. Turn down the lights or light some candles. Bright lights from the bathroom can make a headache worse or even create one. Himalayan salt lamps are another good option if candles aren’t available. Lavender can also be hung from the showerhead to create a calming aroma. 

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