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Accessible Bathroom Remodeling in Brick Township, NJ

Make sure your bathroom is safe and accessible for the elderly and handicapped people in your household or building. Call us for disability remodeling services in Northern Ocean County and Southern Monmouth County.

Are you getting older and having more difficulty maneuvering the bathroom, or maybe you have elderly parents moving in? It’s important to have a bathroom that is accessible for elderly and handicapped individuals to keep them safe. Installing grab bars, taller toilets, and handheld showers can help eliminate risks. Call Garon T Plumbing to schedule accessible bathroom design and disability remodeling services in Brick Township. When you book an appointment with us we will provide straightforward pricing!

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What To Look for in High-Rise Toilets

As you age, you will need more flexibility in toilets to ensure you can use the bathroom independently and safely. One way to make your bathroom safer is by installing a high-rise toilet to make it easier to get on and off, and to alleviate pain from injuries or arthritis.

When choosing a model, look for these three features:

  • STABILITY: Make sure the toilet is stable and has additional support if you or someone else in the building or house has mobility issues.
  • SAFETY: Adding a grab bar near the toilet will add extra safety precautions and prevent falls as a person sits and stands up.
  • RELIEF: Raised toilets help alleviate pressure on joints and injuries. This helps reduce the amount of squatting and bending users need to perform.

Where To Install Grab Bars

To protect handicapped and elderly people when using the bathroom, it’s important to install grab bars in key positions to help prevent falls. Some locations where these should be added include:

  • BATHTUBS AND SHOWERS: In a combo tub-shower, bars can be installed on the back wall and parallel to the bathtub.
  • WALK-IN SHOWER: Bars should be added to a side wall, back wall and on a side wall near a shower seat - if there is one.
  • BATHTUB: If you have a free-standing tub or a bathtub with a deck or a sunken tub, bars should be installed near the rims of each side of the unit.
  • TOILETS: It is recommended that you install two grab bars near a toilet - one along the sidewall and one along the back wall for balance and support.

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Benefits of Hand-Held Showers

Adding a hand-held shower to your bathroom can make bathing easier for elderly and handicapped members of your Brick Township household. These devices offer the following benefits:

  • EASIER TO CLEAN: You can use the unit to clean your shower in addition to using it to bathe. The flexible hose lets you wash and rinse hard-to-reach areas of your shower stall.
  • EASY TO USE: These are easy for people of all ages to use. They can be installed in various locations of a shower depending on a person’s mobility.
  • VARIOUS SPRAY PATTERNS: These devices offer a variety of spray patterns so users can find the effect they prefer.
  • NUMEROUS DESIGNS: These hand-held units come in a variety of designs so they can match the style of your bathroom and shower.

Make sure your bathroom is safe for the elderly and handicapped members of your household. Call Garon T Plumbing at (732) 451-3599 for accessible bathroom design services in Brick Township, NJ. We provide same-day services!

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